I'm an actress, producer and recently turned writer. I trained at The Oxford School of Drama, graduating in 2010 and am based in Manchester.


In my spare time you'll catch me discovering new music, hiking, learning to rock climb andwild swimming! 

I have bases in Manchester, London and Ireland. 

Latest News

September 2021

£15,000 ACE funding

In 2018, Melissa was cast to multi role 4 characters in stage play, Me You Us Them. It was a thrilling experience based on true stories of racism in Northern Ireland.


When George Floyd's murder sparked world wide conversations around racism, Melissa got chatting with Terra Nova's Artistic Director Andrea Montgomery, who wrote and directed the play, about a remount.

So many  people in the UK, know nothing about the war and murders that took place in Northern Ireland, ending so recently in 1998. The racism in Northern Ireland has it's own complicated history, so being able to share these stories again, amidst Black Lives Matter is thrilling and essential.

Melissa identifies as Northern Irish and black so being able to tell these stories sits close to her.

June 2021

Reform Radio Take Over

Melissa has been listening to a tonne of podcasts about being mixed  race,  identity and the importantance of anti racist work in an effort to be part of that change and as preparation for a 1 hour bi-monthly show on Reform Radio, coming soon.


On her show, Melissa talks to artists across the board on issues within the arts such as gender equality, bullying and racism, looking for solutions, helping the next generation of artists have a foot up and hoping to create positive changes.  A huge part of that journey has been soaking in important reading and podcasts.  Melissa lists her must reads/listens below.

April 2020 @photography_zip 

Stepping into writing 

Taking the brave move to a new city, Manchester,  during a pandemic at the end of 2020, Melissa explores writing with the new feeling of isolation on her hands. She explores the effects of different relationships on her mental health in TV show format. 

At the end of August, she will be exploring her experience of isolation and writing in photograph format with @photography_zip 


December 2021

Feature Film Lily

In 2019, Melissa had the exciting

opportunity to play a supporting lead in feature film Lily, Coming soon.

April 2021

Current Must Reads

Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race

by Reni Eddo - Lodge

Feminism, Interrupted 

Disrupting Power

by Lola Olufemi

Love, Freedom, Aloneness

The Koan of a relationship 

by Osho

January 14, 2017

INK Festival

INK’s mission is to give a voice to those rarely heard by inspiring, nurturing and developing skills to create short new plays.

"Ink have provided me with several opportunities over lockdown to record monologues and duologues, some of which have aired BBC Radio Suffolk. Others have been shared privately with the writers to help hone their craft. A fantastic company providing opportunities for artists".

Check out their work.


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"Melissa lit up the set with her enthusiasm and inspired the whole cast and crew to do their best work, and immediately after the wrap I couldn't wait to work with her again."

Tommy Gillard, writer/director of Cut From Cloth

"Melissa brought a high level of commitment, professionalism and passion to the role, allied to a deep understanding of the character, and was a joy to work with. Her dedication and eternally positive outlook made the experience of working with her then, and since, a great experience, both creatively and personally."


James Meredith, writer

Work in the last year

What I'm up to...

Showreel 2020

Doctors 2019

Directed by Peter Fearnon 

Commercial Reel 2019

Comedy Reel 2019

Shelter Campaign January 2019

Directed by Chris Fowles

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Producer, Writer & Actress

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Dual Heritage Episode 6

Written by Melissa Dean

Produced by Melissa Dean & Maria Louis

When Sheila meets an acting agent,

she gets a little less than she bargained for.

Based on real events.


Tanning Episode 7

When people mistake mixed race for fake tan!

Based on real events.  

Other work....


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