The M & M Sketches

August 2017 - present  (writer/producer/actress)

Myself and actress Maria Louis started The M&M Sketches as a platform for us as actresses and as means to taking some artistic control over our careers and development as producers. We write and produce comedy sketches based on our own experiences of life and have had some excellent directors and DOP's on board, including  director duo Lee Morgan and Ryan Ackland, Alex Swinfen, Ben Bouvier-Farrell, Chris Reading and DOP Peter Marsden.

You can watch our work on our youtube page (link below).



April 2017 - present (writer/actress)

A year ago, I met up with talented director Moronke O and we discussed ideas we'd be interested in filming. We both wanted to look into mental health as most people at some point in their life suffer with mental health issues and there can be a lack of understanding about it.  We teamed up with actress Molly Moody and the 3 of us co-wrote Breathe. More information coming soon.

Joanna's Lovely Legs

2018 (actress/producer)

After working with Jehan Bokori on short film The Negotiator in April 2017, myself and Jehan decided to find another project to work on.  I introduced Jehan to the short stories of James Meredith and she fell in love with a story about a teenage girl who had survived a bomb attack but was left with facial scars. She uses her legs when interacting online as a way of taking control of her sexuality. Jehan has turned this into a screen play and we are currently looking for funding for the project. 

4 week acting for screen course through Actors Ascend, with director Lewis Arnold (Humans, Broadchurch, Misfits), 2017.

The Beautiful People

Feb 2018 - present (actress/researcher/script development)

After watching The Deuce last year, I was mesmerised by Maggie Gyllenhall's performance and became interested in the idea of a prostitute living 2 lives: one for work and one for home. So myself and fellow actor Rob Fawsitt have been researching prostitution in Dublin and begun writing a feature. The Beautiful People is a  short film based on the feature's 2 main characters which explores their back stories.

Crookshank and Castle

Later on in 2018 (actress/producer)

After working with directing duo Lee Morgan and Ryan Ackland on The M&M Sketches, they introduced us to comedy writer Tom Critch. We filmed one of his sketches Sign Language for our serieswhich he was extremely happy with.  He then pitched a series idea to us called Crookshank and Castle, about a magically gifted, yet egocentric detective called Crookshanks, and her straight-laced partner Castle. Together they work as 'Abnormal Investigators,' fighting the occult crime underworld. This project is hoped to begin later in 2018.


Current (writer/producer/director/actress)

Damaged is my debut directing short, which explores the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter. 

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