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Cinematographer / Lighting / Sound 


Set & Costume Designer

Casting a male actor of diverse background, who can access a genuine Northern Irish accent with an age range of mid 20's - early 40's

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We are particularly interested in hearing from talent from diverse backgrounds for all of our roles.

Project title: ME YOU US THEM 

Project type: Stage to Film 


A Melting Pan Production, Me You Us Them is a remount of 2018’s theatre production Me You Us Them by Terra Nova Productions Artistic Director, Andrea Montgomery.  The play explores real stories of racism, identity and sense of belonging in Northern Ireland, at a most crucial time worldwide amidst the Black Lives Matter movement.


The play introduces characters through a series of monologues, then shows lives gradually intersecting and overlapping in surprising ways, to build a picture of life as we don’t usually see it on the Northern Ireland stage. Me You Us Them is an angry, but funny, occasionally shocking play, which ultimately leaves us uplifted and thoughtful.  


It is supported by the Arts Councils of England and Northern Ireland and by Belfast City Council.  This is a film of a theatre production, and seeks to inhabit the fascinating hinterland between the two artforms, taking the best of both.


You can find out more about the original production at Me You Us Them and about Terra Nova’s intercultural and ethical work at What We Do

Terra Nova Productions


Set up in 2007 by a Delhi-born Canadian writer-director with a background that includes radio, film, running a repertory theatre and line-producing in the West End, Terra Nova has spent the last 14 years building an outstanding reputation as Ireland’s only purpose built intercultural theatre company.  Writer/Director Andrea Montgomery also happens to be one of Northern Ireland’s most highly paid commercial directors.

Melting Pan 


Set up of late as an anchor, to several projects currently in action.  


Melissa has been working as an actress for 11 years, working across TV (EastEnders, Line of Duty, BBC Doctors), Film, theatre, Commercials & Voice Over. 


She began producing 8 years ago with her theatre company BAREtruth, using theatre as a door to open conversations about human rights issues.  She kicked off with her first theatre production Little Stitches, four short plays that looked into the human stories behind Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).


Since then, she has gone on to produce comedy sketches, The M&M Sketches and short film. Melissa has a real knack for bringing talented and wonderful people together onto her productions and is passionate about creating safe spaces for her teams to flourish in. 

For more information, please email Melissa on



We are looking for a cinematographer who also edit's their own work, who wants to sink their teeth into the filming of theatre piece Me You Us Them over the summer of 2021.

Filming Dates are August 16th - August 19th 2021

We will be in rehearsals for two weeks prior to that for you to come in at some point to see the space. 


We would preferably like to work with somebody who is able to bring on board their own crew (sound/lighting) but are still open to hearing from the right person regardless.


We have a separate budget for the crew which I’m happy to share with you if/when you need to reach out to them. 

We would expect our cinematographer to be a team player, and have both listening and communication skills to capture our director's vision for the piece as well as bringing to the table your own creative ideas. If you would like more information please email for more information by Wednesday 16th June.

Set and Costume Design


We would like to bring on board a multi talented set and costume designer. We would also be open to hearing from a duo team. 


With a total budget of £500, you will be using minimalistic ideas for the design.

A combination of working at home and then getting ideas on their feet in the rehearsal room with a week of play, a second week of solidifying ideas, ready for filming in week 3.  You will be working with two actors, who will multirole 9 parts and creating several spaces such as a cafe, the inside of a bus, a hospital cupboard, a street to name a few. It will take someone with a creative imagination to bring our project alive. 

If you would like more information please email for more information by Wednesday 16th June.




Role: Ryan / Kyle / Karim / Samuel / Dr Howard Kwong


Role description: We are looking for an actor from a diverse background, with a casting age late 20’s - mid 40's 


We need an actor who can perform with a genuine Northern Irish accent and bring their own interpretation of accent to two educated Chinese and Horn of Africa characters. You will be bringing to life 5 characters, ranging between the ages of 19 and 65 so we are we looking for actors who have the skill to dive into finding these characters emotionally and physically.  The cast will enjoy a full two-week theatrical rehearsal.  The stage to film production will enjoy new production design and an original music commission.