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How I became Reform Radio's 1st Artist In Residence 

Earlier in 2021, when teaching assisting at a primary school, I spoke to a fellow teacher and DJ about a podcast idea I had, discussing issues in the Arts, to create learning for fellow and up and coming artists. He introduced me to Reform Radio and sent them a draft of the idea.

They loved it and offered me a bi-weekly radio show A Safe Space To ARTiculate. 

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I soon joined Reform's Black Lives Matter group, where all staff have the opportunity to take part in a once a month meeting, where we discuss something we have pre read, watched or listened to.

Over the summer of 2021, I was producing theatre to film production Me You Us Them and I was struggling to work from home. I reached out to a few venues with a list of my skills and how I could give back if I was able to have desk space. After a few weeks, Reform offered me an opportunity to be their first Artists In Residence and we discussed the details. 

The opportunity to write...

Joining the Reform team, I was asked to write a short auto biography. I used it to tell an honest account of surviving childhood trauma and growing into an artist. If you would like a read, here's a link to Reform Radio's, Introducing Melissa.

A Safe Space To ARTiculate

A radio show that looks into unhealthy stories and attitudes from the arts, to create a happier workplace and peoples!

To have a listen to any of my previous shows, click on the links below.

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Alice Spencer 


Therapist and Spoken Word Artist

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Griot Gabriel 


Youth Worker and Spoken Word Artist, Founder of The Poetry Place